cover picture of my web project coolbeanz

Coolbeanz is a web 'game' I made to test out partially randomly generated svg bean characters. Give it a go - breed and fight some beanz!

cover picture of my web project mutators

Mutators is a web 'game' I started working on to test out a random breeding algorithm. It involved layering PNG files and seemed like it would be quite unmanageable, so I applied the concept to Coolbeanz's svg generation instead.

example cover picture for my random funnies page

Just a bunch of random funny pics!

example cover picture for random drawing generator idea

A bit of fun for if you're stuggling to find something to draw.

cover picture for the team Error 418's Dundee and Angus College Game Jam 2018 entry

Website for team Error 418's Dundee and Angus College Game Jam 2018 entry. We won an award for promotion and marketing of our game 'PotHead.

cover picture for the link to the pookédex page

Terrible drawerings of pokémon.


Only those listed on this site are my official published works.

cover picture of my research dissertation Effective Website Design

My final university year research dissertation, available from Amazon.

cover picture of my comic Project Glitch

A comic project I worked on while at university, available from Amazon.